Post #1    Acer R7 Full Review
06 November 2015
The most natural way to draw digitally is to draw directly on the screen. That's why laptops such as these exist, to allow you to put a pen (stylus) on the screen and draw lines directly under the nib as if you were drawing on paper. But of course that isn't all, it is also a laptop so you probably want to know all of the features before making the decision. Hence we have a thorough review over here. We cover the design, it's features and how well it performs various tasks such as sound production, video creation and editing, 3D work, drawing and gaming.

  0:17  Intro
  2:06  Unboxing
  3:14  Design
  7:08  System Specifications
  7:57  Usability
13:07  Sound
16:35  Gaming
19:50  Video
22:09  Video Editing & Graphics
27:36  Accessories
29:52  Conclusion
Running Time: 31mins