Before creating awesome art you first have to settle on the right tools. For some it's physical materials, for others it's digital devices. Well this post is for the "others". Over here we check out the Acer R7 in an in-depth review and test just how well it works for artists, and other its uses too.
Post #1    Acer R7 Full Review
06 November 2015
This area was going to be called 'fun art related topics' but then that would've been abbreviated to fart... so obviously we didn't go that route. But title aside, what you'll find here is random thoughts about the world of art- from tools to techniques to findings to facts.
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Gimp has some great drawing tools to help aid you in your artwork. If you're still learning your way around it then this video will be a great way to show you a workflow style in Gimp.
Post #2    Gimp Drawing Workflow
23 December 2016
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